September 13, 2018

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GOD Give Opportunities to Disability, Inc Respects and values human diversity
  • Who are we? GOD Give Opportunities to Disability; Inc is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and our main target is the promotion of programs and initiatives addressed to including Person with Disability in our society. We wish highlighting the potential people with disabilities have to grow, develop and give back to their communities when given the chance to participate.
  • What do we do? Our purpose is to reach this objective through educational, sports, cultural, artistic and recreational activities, among others, by developing projects to improve and ease the manner in which Person with Disability interact in their communities.
  • Our team: Herbert E. Corona. President; Vicky Rodriguez. Technical Manager; Herbert J. Corona. Technical Advisor; Maria Teresa Gonzales. Public Relations.
  • Vision: We hope to help the development and true inclusion of people with disabilities with the final objective of improving their quality of life.
  • Mission: To promote projects, integrate groups, exchange ideas, cooperate, prevent discrimination, and most importantly help and provide integral support to all persons with disabilities as well as those family members or other people responsible for them to facilitate their inclusion in mainstream society.
  • Philosophy: Our focus is an all-inclusive society, which we define as all members of society who recognize, respect and value human diversity.
  • Projects: These are some of our projects. If you want to help us, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can help us personally in the development of our many projects with your ideas, pro-bono assessment, or as a volunteer in our activities. You can help us by referring a friend to become our sponsor or by financially supporting any of the following projects (please indicate which project interests you and we will provide you with further information on your selection)
  1. 3D International Day of People with Disability: Commemoration of International Day of People with Disabilities: On December 3rd every year we celebrate at a global level the International day of People with Disabilities. On this day we will prepare a series of cultural, recreational and educational activities where children from a number of schools will be invited to have a fun day including food, gifts, clowns, etc.
  2. More than disABILITY. BUS CAMPAIGN: One of the most difficult tasks in the disability community is to make able-bodied individuals aware of a person’s ability and realize that a person with disability is much more than their condition or particular diagnosis. A person with a disability is intelligent, loving, strong, is someone that perseveres, is joyful, courageous, loyal, a good friend, hope, our future, and more. A disabled person is MORE THAN any disability. For these reasons, we wish to develop a campaign throughout Broward County to raise awareness, utilizing public buses as mobile billboards to carry our message to more than one million people across the county.
  3. Accessibility: In this area we focus our projects on the promotion of the safe and autonomous transit and development of people with disabilities. This involves inspections of public places and generating reports to be distributed to the authorities responsible for the upkeep of said public place so that any violations may be fixed. These public spaces include: Shopping Centers, Bus Stops, Churches, Parks, etc.
  4. Audiovisual: In this area we focus on creating a series of educational videos in the subject of disability with the intent of distributing these to local schools and community centers. Other subjects to be included in these videos are: Social Consciousness, Recycling, Sports, Fauna, Flora, bullying, etc.
  5. Direct Education: In this area we will focus on direct education by organizing public speeches, talks and other direct impact activities on a variety of subjects to be performed on appropriate forums.
  6. A Magic and Accessible Disney: The central idea is to have children with disabilities have a week-long stay at Disneys’ Magic Kingdom with the intention of providing said children with a reprieve and opportunity to change their life-vision and realize dreams can come true. The current pool of children includes eight (08) Venezuelan Children with a variety of disabilities including blind, deaf, and children with mental and physical disabilities.
  7. Artistic, Cultural and Sporting Events: This project includes activities in public spaces involving both people with disabilities and non-disabilities.
  8. Technical Help Donations: This project is a way to obtain any sort of technological help targeted at easing disabilities such as wheelchairs, staff, special software or hardware. These tend to remain out of the hands of South Florida’s Latino population by a mixture of expense or misinformation.
  9. Accessible Bus: We will distribute donations of buses with accessibility ramps to Special Education Schools with the objective of assisting the transit of as many children with disabilities as possible.
  10. Hospital Information Sessions: One of the main issues arising from acquiring or being diagnosed with a disability is misinformation. Most people in this situation do not know where to go, what their rights are under the law and what benefits exist to help in their particular situation. Thus, we will designate and train people with disabilities to talk to others at hospitals with information for those who have recently have acquired or been diagnosed with a disability.
  11. Magazine: Currently, most periodical targeting people with disabilities are made for a population of ages 55 and up. Thus, we intend to create a bi-annual magazine in which we offer articles of interest for the population with disabilities ages 19 to 54. Among the articles included we will provide information on local activities, care center, entertainment, etc. This magazine is to be distributed free of charge.
  • Sponsors: We are thankful with our sponsor for believe in us and in our abilities.
  • OXXO DRY CLEANERS at Weston and Davie.
  • Perfect Pools USA.
  • 1st United Funding.
  • Oakland Athletics Baseball Team (Mayor League)
  • Stay and Step (Spinal Injury Recovery Center)
  • Adahira Fernandez-Salgado & Family
  • Adelina Bryant-Rubio & Family
  • Alejandro Cordova Garcia & Family
  • Cesar Muñoz & Family
  • Diana Nieto & Family
  • Gaby and Rommy Camargo & Family
  • Joan Quevedo-Martinez & Family
  • Leopoldo Cordova & Family
  • Luis Ricardo Leon & Family
  • Luis Melendez & Family
  • Luis Mercado & Family
  • Maria Flugel & Family
  • Marisabel Pacheco & Family
  • Milagros Guilly & Family
  • Miriam Dominguez Castro & Family
  • Rebecca De Los Rios & Family
  • Roger Raissiguier & Family
  • Yusmeiro Petit & Family
  • Baseball The Miracle League Weston, Fl: We are proud to belong to the Miracle League family. In 2019, after 13th straight season, the Jurko family give us the opportunity to continue with Weston, Fl. Miracle League Team. Then, please, follow us, take part, and support us clicking here In 1998, Rockdale Youth Baseball Association’s coach Eddie Bagwell invited the first child with a disability to play baseball on his team; Michael, a seven-year-old child in a wheel chair, attended every game and practice, while cheering on his five-year-old brother playing America’s favorite past-time. (The Miracle League history here:
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